Elasticity and Scalability

Is your TIC infrastructure ready to support the growth planned? Your budget compromising your growth plans? Need to sync your expenses with the ever- changing load of your systems? We can help you!

Improve your business applications taking control of the elasticity and scalability that your services require to respond to your demands. Surely you will want to have applications that can manage the entire load that your business needs. To achieve this goal you can reveal applications with maximum resources needed to support the calculated load and add more resources when needed, or ideally, make your applications and infrastructure be aware of the actual load and optimize the use of resources needed to respond when required to do so. Scaling is a good solution when system loads require so, but optimizing resources is better when it comes to saving energy, bandwidth, memory, etc., during periods when your customers are not demanding many services or simply when your business is beginning.

Elasticity and scalability is a complex pair that requires not only a well-designed infrastructure that can be monitored, but also efficient applications that can run on distributed environments and load balanced environments.

Reliable infrastructure

Do your customers or your employees are scattered around the world? Your kind of business does not allow you to be out of service? Your bosses and partners are worried about business continuity in case of disaster? We have something to offer in this matter!

Moving the business to operate on the internet can be the ideal solution when you want to transcend the barriers of traditional commerce, but once customers get used to find your regular services on the website, to keep your online application optimized is presented as the new challenge. Poorly written applications, viruses and other malware and attacks against your business like uncorrected vulnerabilities in operating systems, inefficient infrastructure, poorly designed and configured networks, etc., are just some of the problems you may encounter when your entity lies on a computerized infrastructure.

Our suggestion? Deploy your applications on a reliable infrastructure at least for the most critical parts of your business. If you have encountered some of the problems listed above or other similar or your level of documentation has allowed you to be aware of this, may be is time to start improving your infrastructure and review your applications.

Reliability has many levels of depth depending on the demands of your business, the geographical location of your customers or the amount of benefits reported for products and services you offer; but any solution begins with a well designed and configured infrastructure and applications that are well written, sustainable and extensible. We could think of load balance for the different layers of your applications so that these escalate appropriately to your needs. If your customers or sales representatives are scattered throughout the world or if your business need to continue even when local disasters could jeopardize your main computing center, we could think of a geographically distributed infrastructure present as one and use your resources to serve customers efficiently, answering from those closest locations to the source of request. We can design appropriate replication and backup solutions to minimize the downtime of your systems in case of disaster.