The ECS infrastructure has been created using the latest equipment and software available in the market. We use VMware virtualization solution and infrastructure management.

Our staff is highly qualified, trained and certified in the used technologies, with a wide experience in the operation of IT infrastructure, systems and applications.

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with high quality, safety and security services that enhance their business.

Some of benefits to the systems using our infrastructure are:

• High availability of your applications: To design, purchase and implement an infrastructure that allows high availability of systems is an expensive process. Our infrastructure was created from its bases up to its last component, to tolerate failures, being redundant and provide high system availability.

• High Performance and Reliability: The conjunction between last generation equipment, software and innovative technologies ensure the correct use of CPU resources, memory, storage, network among others, as well as the reduction patching needing, maintenance work, bottle necks allowing the systems executed in our infrastructure obtain a high performance and high reliability.

• Solutions for Business Continuity: We provide a solution of server backup, performed at a virtual server level, meaning that a backup of the entire server is done, guaranteeing with post operation tasks that this backup is in good condition to restore from it, if necessary. The entire process is done automatically with the power of granularity the overall operation.

• Rapid server provisioning: We provide to our customers the ability to scale their servers vertically (more CPU, more RAM, more storage space, etc.) in a quick and without interrupting operations, we also provide new servers to our customers in a very short time.

• Significant reduction of investment in computing infrastructure and telecommunications: The computer and communication equipments are not a cheap asset and if we add that they tend to become obsolete too soon, we found the ideal scenario to consume the services provided by our Infrastructure, while you transfer these problems to us, having the guarantee that your server will have its systems and information available at all times now and in the future, with the same performance, regardless of which equipments the infrastructure has or which one is available on the market.

• Full access from any location: Customers can access their servers / systems / information from anywhere at any time, safely, significantly increasing productivity and ease in their operations.

• Secure information: Our infrastructure has the most modern and advanced security mechanisms available, ensuring the safety of your information to both external and internal attacks, all client systems are completely isolated from other clients. Our clients may have access to their information and control about who's accessing it, at any time.

• Focus on your business: Using the services of our infrastructure, customers can focus solely on their business tasks, leaving the operation of the infrastructure that houses their systems to the highly trained personnel we have, reducing considerably, or even eliminating the human capital expenses suitable for IT work.

• Optimal Environment Conditions: Our facilities offer ideal conditions of temperature and humidity, multiple connectivity providers and various sources of electricity and cooling, with automatic failure recovery, backup power system, generators sets, video surveillance, 24 hour security guard, among many other notable features.

• Dual network connection: Each physical server has a double connection at 10 Gbps. At any point on the network within the data center, there are always two possible paths between servers and the rest of the infrastructure. This way, it is impossible not communicate with the outside!

• Double switch: Every connection of our servers is directed to different devices, each switch is connected to two routers with duplicate links. And all without "spanning tree". In addition, the Cisco Nexus technology allows us to offer a 100% network available, no packet loss (lossless).

• Double routed: Two routers ensure routing redundancy (HSRP protocol). This way, the incoming and out going traffic is physically sent by different links.

• Reliable and redundant Storage: Our storage systems, who provide the capabilities of assign space on our infrastructure, have characteristics that provide high reliability and robustness, for example: all volumes are provided by RAID-1 or RAID-10 arrays, each partition with a snapshot (snapshots of the data contained in a partition) that can be accessed at any time to retrieve the data required. Backups of the storage system partitions is also performed in other media storage.